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You've decided that you need to create a piece of media, so you call me. I'll be frank with you, before I can advise you on what to do first, I need to know a lot more about your business. For now, anyway, my job is to get you talking. I want to know why you are in the field you are in, what makes you think a piece of media will make the difference you are tying to make, and how does this piece of media fit into your long-term strategy. I'm not going to pitch you anything in our first meeting, and I'm not likely to pitch anything in our second. Not until I have a solid understanding of what you need, will I feel confident making suggestions of how I can help.

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David Roberts
(USA) : (435) 680-5423
(PRC) : (186) 1165-2525

     At the age of ten I made my first stop-motion film by hitting play and pause on my dad's camcorder. Media was my first love, and with each passing day, my passion only grows. Be it graphic design, web development, animation or filmmaking, simply put, I'm a sucker for anything to do with story telling or presentation.
     During college I studied art, music, computer science and some film. After my third year of college I earned my MCSE and was looking forward to a career as a network administrator - just as soon as I got back from my vacation. I found myself in Mexico for two years where I continued to study front end web development and 3D softwares like 3DS MAX and Maya.
     After Mexico I went to work as a network analyst for a time, but soon realized that I wouldn't be happy unless I was making something - next stop, Beijing. In China I got started as a freelance graphic designer and website monkey. I was learning a lot but I was also offered a position at the Communication University of China, where I taught game design, and cut my teeth as a director of amimation. In 2006, I teamed up with some truly incredible people to create Kroznot Advertising, a company that is now in it's 11th year and going strong. Over the years with Kroznot I took on scores of projects, including large-scale web development, complete branding and VI, and even got to work on a pair of feature films.
     When our group was acquired by the Australian company J.H. International I stayed on as the director of digital media and had the chance to write and direct several short films of my own.
After 16 years of living abroad I have decided to return to the U.S. and settled in Las Vegas. It's been a great ride so far; I can't wait to see what happens next.